Waxing Lyrical charges per student and will not issue an invoice until after the performance (unless otherwise requested) to give you the opportunity to check the attendance so we don't overcharge you.




Secondary schools located between Clare to the North, Victor Harbor in the South and as far away as Tailem Bend in the East are what we consider metropolitan. They are all within a day's driving distance from Adelaide and require a standard booking fee of $8.00 per student at a minimum of 60 students - or a flat fee of $480.00 for audiences under this minimum.


Regional South Australia


Waxing Lyrical is willing to visit all regional secondary schools in South Australia within means (these are areas located outside of the metropolitan boundaries mentioned above). These are schools that will require more than a single day's travel and so therefor are subject to more elaborate scheduling. The fee for regional schools is $10.00 per student at a minimum of 60 students. This is greater than the fee charged to metropolitan schools so as to account for traveling costs and accomodation for our actors. We also encourage interested schools to communicate with nearby schools in their surrounding area so as to suppliment numbers - we understand that it is often difficult to meet the minimum audience requirement but have known many schools in the past who have collaborated with each other to make the booking viable.


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