Romeo & Juliet


Every year Waxing Lyrical brings a very unique performance to South Australian secondary schools; a humorous and memorable adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet. With over ten years experience working and performing for students we have tailor-made our own version of both plays, leaving all the boring analysis at the door and focusing on the very reason why Shakespeare wrote these plays in the first place: to entertain. This is a show that students seldom see coming and almost a parody of what they would expect. We target the most cynical of students and through the power of humour we take Shakespeare down a notch, proving that he is not a difficult and inaccessible as most people think he is.

The performance

Each year our production includes Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet. We bring with us a very abridged version of both plays - 45 minutes worth in fact. These 45 minutes follow the chaotic and accident prone journey of three actors attempting to tell the Bard's story, they argue and bicker with one-another until eventually the entire show falls apart. Though seemingly anarchic, their efforts, almost indirectly, highlight the play's major characters, plots and monologues all beneath the veil of a farce.


Our audience

Our productions are intended for secondary school students between grades 9 and 12 usually studying either English or Drama. We cater primarily to the student unenthused with the idea of tackling the work of William Shakespeare but we also like to think of our productions as more than simply educational tools, they're also plays within the plays. They are designed to both illuminate and entertain, careful to avoid being patrionising and certainly not boring. 


What we require

When Waxing Lyrical tours, we do so lightly. Our three actors require only an audience and a space for them to sit. The performance area itself need only be 5 x 3 meters square and can take place in a theatre, classroom, library, chapel or gym, anywhere that can accommodate an audience of students (sightlines should always be considered).


Where do we go?

We are based and operate in metropolitan Adelaide but tour to as many regional places in SA as possible.

Term 3

For years Waxing Lyrical has travelled South Australian schools as far west as Port Lincoln and as far east as the Victorian border. We perform to secondary schools both metropolitan and regional and we're always happy to travel within reason.